Healthcare Insurance — Seven Ways To Cut Down Cost

Are you interested in sure-fire steps to enjoy cheap rates for coverage that won’t put you in trouble later? If so, the following suggestions will go a long way in helping you reach that goal…

1. That extra weight will make you spend more in health insurance. An insured’s Body Mass Index (BMI) is a strong factor that determines what a person pays as rate.

If your Body Mass Index rating is high, your rates will be expensive. If your Body Mass Index rating is high it simply means that your weight is too much for your height. And do not think that you’ll get savings only when you lose fifty pounds, just losing a few pounds will lower your rates once it reduces your Body Mass Index rating.

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2. The use of tobacco in any form will add to your rates. For instance, you will pay a more expensive premium if you chew or snuff tobacco.

So, you will help yourself get more affordable rates if you stay away from tobacco use in any form.

3. Take it or not, your driving culture can affect your health insurance rates negatively. Speeding tickets and other traffic violations can seriously increase your health insurance premium. This is because you will make yourself a bigger risk to your health insurance provider.

Hence, good driving does not only help your auto insurance, it also helps you get lower rates in health insurance. If you use a sports car or power bike, you’ll likely pay much more for health insurance. The simple reason remains that you raise the chances that you will make claims soon.

4. While shopping for low cost health insurance it’s very important that you don’t become carried away by just the lowest quote. You should be wary of a very low quote that does not give you a good value to price ratio. And, shopping the right way is vital to getting the best rate to value. Nevertheless, if you need to pay slightly more for the right coverage, then do just that.

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5. If you’re rarely ever sick you will save a lot by choosing catastrophic health insurance instead. This kind of policy covers you if you suddenly fall sick or get involved in an accident.

You will generally appreciate this policy if you ever need to pay huge bills due to unforeseen ailments or accidents. They are sold at very cheap rates.

What are usually high are the deductibles which can be as high as $2,000. However, considering that you are getting coverage from accidents or ailments that would make you spend tens of thousands of dollars such deductibles are not quite that high — Relatively.

6. A Flexible Spending Account is helpful as you search for opportunities to save. It’s a type of savings account where you can put tax-free dollars for your health needs. Any money unused could be rolled over into the subsequent year (still tax free). With this you can actually build up a reasonable amount to take care of your health care needs.

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7. You can lower your rates by not drinking alcoholic beverages. Drinking adds to your health risk.

You well know that a good number of diseases are caused heavy drinking.

How much drinking is safe for you? I can’t advise you on that since I’m not specialized on such issues.

But here’s what I am sure of: Quitting alcohol in its totality will do you much good. If you cannot quit completely, drink in moderation if you want to reduce your risk to insurers.

It is just that for most people drinking in moderation is even more difficult than total abstinence. Ask for help if you want to stop drinking alcohol. There are groups that help alcoholics stop drinking.
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