Ineffective Breathing Pattern Nursing Care Plan for Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)

Ineffective Breathing Pattern NANDA Definition: The exchange of air inspiration and / or expiration inadequate. Characteristics: Decrease pressure inspiration / expiration Decrease in air changes per minute Using additional respiratory muscle Nasal flaring Dyspnea Orthopnea Changes in chest deviation Shortness of breath Assumption of 3-point position Breathing pursed-lip Phase lasts very long expiratory Increased anterior-posterior […]

Acute Pain Nursing Care Plan for Peritonitis

Nursing Diagnosis for Peritonitis : Acute Pain related to inflammatory processes, fever and tissue damage. Acute Pain NANDA Definition : Unpleasant sensory and emotional experience arising from actual or potential tissue damage or described in terms of such damage (International Association for the Study of Pain); sudden or slow onset of any intensity from mild […]

Mesothelioma Care Plan

Nursing Care Plan for Mesothelioma Nursing Assessment Nursing Care Plan for Mesothelioma Assessment is the main base of the nursing process. Assessment is the first step in one of the nursing process (Gaffar, 1999). Activities undertaken in the assessment is gathering data and formulating priority issues. In the assessment – a careful collection of data […]

Pleural Effusion Care Plan

Nursing Diagnosis for Pleural Effusion Ineffective breathing pattern related to decreased lung expansion (accumulation of air / liquid), musculoskeletal disorders, pain / anxiety, the inflammatory process. Chest pain related to biologic factors (tissue trauma) and physical factors (chest tube installation) Nursing Intervention for Pleural Effusion Ineffective breathing pattern related to decreased lung expansion (accumulation of […]

Causes of Pleural Effusion

Pleural Effusion A pleural effusion is an excess accumulation of fluid in the pleural space around the lungs. Medical ImageThe pleura are thin membranes that enclose the lungs and line the inside of the chest cavity. The ‘pleural space’ describes the small space between the inner and outer layers of pleura, which normally contains a […]