Large Intestine

Large intestine Bookmark & Share The large intestine is the portion of the digestive system most responsible for absorption of water from the indigestible residue of food. The ileocecal valve of the ileum (small intestine) passes material into the large intestine at the cecum. Material passes through the ascending, transverse, descending and sigmoid portions of the […]

Liver Function Tests

Liver function tests  Bookmark & Share Tests that monitor liver function are usually performed by withdrawing a sample of blood. Liver function testsEmail this page to a friend Share on facebook Share on twitter Bookmark & Share Printer-friendly version Common tests that are used to evaluate how well the liver is working (liver function) include: […]

JEAN WATSON – Theory and Model of Nursing

Model and Theory of Nursing by JEAN WATSON Jean Watson’s philosophy, which is known as “JW”, seeks to define the outcomes of nursing activities associated with the humanistic aspects of life. Watson, (1979). Nursing actions that refer directly to the understanding of the relationship between health, illness and human behavior. Nursing attention to the improvement […]

Affordable Health Care Insurance Rate — Tips For Cutting Down Costs

Those who understand how to comparison shop, more often than not, get the best deals. If you don’t, you’ll soon learn the process in this article. But before that, or while you do that, there are several other tips to use if you intend to get very cheap rates. Here are several of them… 1. […]

Cheaper Medical Insurance — Apply The Following And You'll Get It

There are a number of ways to more affordable but adequate coverage. Nevertheless, some of them might leave you slightly compromised. But in this article, I’ll take you through a few proven tips for paying less while you have adequate coverage…. 1. Your co-pay can be more than your drug cost in few cases. Sometimes, […]

Affordable Medical Insurance — Apply These Tips If You Want To Pay Less

Do you want a more affordable rate while maintaining adequate coverage? Let’s explore a number of sure-fire steps to achieving just that… 1. You can insure your children through state plans if you need to reduce your cost. Howbeit, not everyone can benefit from these plans. These plans are often either free or require little […]